About us

WorkStickers is the social network where individuals and organization alike develop their professional capital, learn and exchange ideas, meet and interact with each other, find or promote opportunities related to career development.

Traditional professional networking hovers around jobs and candidates matching. Your career consists of and requires more than that, reason for which WorkStickers introduces a comprehensive approach to professional development trough online networking.

As you can see, talking about career seems rocket science. However, you will find yourself in situations where you should know and understand a few basic things, as they have a direct impact on your professional life. Additional you may need the right tools to manage such situations.

For this reason we have introduced:

  • A simple tool that allows you to promote requirements or opportunities related to your career
  • Specific search modules to easily access desired information
  • An environment where organizations and individuals share equal resources to showcase their professional identity and interact with each other
  • Privacy features that not only keep your information private but also inform your contacts of your intentions.


Our mission is to provide the optimal tools that will assist any individual or organization to evaluate their human capital requirements and access efficiently resources, which will allow them to manage their professional development.


Short history

WorkStickers continued and developed the idea behind www.bestresource.ro, a networking platform launched in 2007, designed for b2b interactions based on human capital development requirements.


Company Info

For more information about our company, please visit our Company Page.