This privacy policy is an appendix to the Terms and Condition document and sets out how WorkStickers uses and protects any information that you give WorkStickers when you use the website and it’s services.

WorkStickers is committed to ensuring that your Personal data and any other type of information that you provide is protected.

'Personal data' shall mean any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person; an identifiable person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identification number or to one or more factors specific to his / her physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity.



To create a WorkStickers account, following information are required:

  • Name,
  • Email address
  • Password

Without this minimal data, the registration process can not be completed. Upon registration, one of the Individual or Organization type of account must be selected.

Only you should know your password and you are obliged to keep this password secret. WorkStickers shall never disclose your password to any third party nor shall ask for it by any other channels than the one attributed to the account Login or Registration processes.

You acknowledge that you are the official legal bearer of this information, and by creating a WorkStickers account , you allow others, including WorkStickers, to identify you or the organization that you represent to use your information in accordance with our User Agreement.


Usernames and User IDs

A Username (or WorkStickers URL) is a custom link to your public profile.


Profile Information

Upon completion of registration, you may provide additional information to your WorkStickers profile, depending on the selected profile type.

For Individual accounts, information such as location, web and telephone contact data, professional background, education, description and portfolio.

For Organization account, your profile can be completed with information such as location, web and telephone contact data, branches and offices contact data, description and portfolio. (Among other options).

Adding information to your profile enables you to access easier the resources provided by WorkStickers and helps you to create your online professional identity, expand your professional network, facilitate your search for information and new opportunities

Any information you provide can be used by WorkStickers as described in the User Agreement or this Privacy Policy, including for the purpose of allowing professional opportunities to find you on WorkStickers, or for serving more relevant advertisements on WorkStickers.

Your personal data can be accessed in accordance with your privacy specifications (chosen settings).  Any data which is selected as Private shall only be visible to your network of registered WorkStickers users, contacts confirmed by you.


Contacts Management

Your list of contacts is, by default, included in your profile page. However, accessing your privacy setting, you may chose to make it visible only for your network of registered WorkStickers users.


Customer Service

Any interaction with WorkStickers customer service representatives produces a collection of data that we store in order to accurately address any inquiries and more important breaches of terms and conditions


Usage of WorkStickers

Information regarding your usage of WorkStickers platform is collected. Some of this information such as but not limited to profile updates, new user connections are, by default, shared, as alerts with your direct WorkStickers user network.


Other information we receive

Other type of information such as comments, likes to published content, events attendance, statistics regarding your correspondence to other users are collected under the governance of the Terms and Conditions and this Privacy policy and use for purposes which will allow us to provide to you customized services such as suggesting people to connect with on WorkStickers.

WorkStickers collects various data in regard to your activity within the platform such as:

We receive data whenever you are logged in and you view different pages,  you send or receive messages, use the in built search engines, like, comment or share content.

Whenever you include media files in to your content, metadata such as date, time, file type, origin, related to the files, are stored by WorkStickers

Data from your computer such as IP address, type of web browser, location or pages you visit are automatically collected.

In order to present useful information, we compel data about you, in order to determine which contacts to recommend you or what content will match your interests.



A cookie, also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookie, or browser cookie, is usually a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user's web browser while a user is browsing a website. This will allow us to recognize you as a User whenever you log in, using the same computer and web browser.

The use of cookies allows us to monitor site usage, trends or performance in order to use the statistics for development and improvement purposes.

Persistent cookie enables WorkStickers to remember you on subsequent visits, speeding up or enhancing your experience of services or functions offered. This result in faster and more convenient access since, for example, you don't have to login again.

Session cookies allow users to be recognized within WorkStickers so any page changes or item or data selection you do is remembered from page to page. Session cookies expire after a short time or when you close your web browser

WorkStickers will promote ads or other types of advertisement in which will allow third parties to place or recognize a unique cookie on your browser.  Any data provided to third parties through cookies will not include details by which you can be personally identified however it may provide general information like location, career field and industry, background, interests which will be used in compliance with the terms and conditions and only for the purposes agreed.

Although most of the web browsers are set up to accept cookies, they also include options that allow you to refuse all or to alert you when such cookies are being sent. You can block or delete trough your web browser setting such cookies but, in some cases, this will hinder your capability to use WorkStickers.

WorkStickers does not save  unencrypted information in the cookies by which you can be personally identified.


Log files, IP Addresses and information about your device

The internet communication standards automatically provides us with the URL's of the web site from which you landed on WorkStickers and the site towards which you are going when exiting our pages. Similarly, whenever you click on any advertise or add included in any WorkStickers page, the third party will receive the URL of the page you were on.  Additional information regarding your IP address of your computer or proxy server you use, operating system and the type of web browser or email module are received by WorkStickers.


Rights to Access, Edit and Delete Information

You have the right to modify, correct and delete the data you supplied to WorkStickers. Due to regular backups, a copy of your originally provided data is stored in our archives and can be used under the conditions documented described in this policy or in the Terms and Conditions agreement.


Data storage

The data provided to WorkStickers is stored as long as we need to provide you services. If you choose to suspend your account, we will retain and use your information in compliance with our legal obligations described by this Agreement or our Terms and Conditions.


Consent to Processing Information related to You

Some information provided by you, can be categorized " sensitive" under applicable law and may reveal your gender, age, nationality or other aspects of your personal life.

By editing or adding any additional information to your profile, you voluntarily and expressly accept, under the governance of this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Condition agreement, to allow WorkStickers to process and use the above-mentioned type of information about you. Choosing to express your right to withdraw your consent to WorkStickers to collect and process your data, under the governance of this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Condition agreement, or by closing your account, will not apply retroactive to any already processed data.


Control of content you post

If you publish content on WorkStickers ( like News, Events, Opinions, Career solutions and other materials included in this category ), you can select the level of audience. To do this, you have to click the privacy button present on the add content page and choose by whom it can be viewed.

By default, a public content (a published content for which no privacy restriction was selected) is visible by anyone, including non-registered WorkStickers users. 

By selecting the " Private" option, when publishing content, you restrict your audience for that specific content, to by you approved or initiated direct contacts established trough WorkStickers. A private content is marked accordingly with a sign and will inform the viewer of your interest for privacy related to that specific data .

WorkStickers can not be held responsible for any information of which contents audience is restricted to  " Private " but copied or re-shared by anyone who is allowed to access it (being by you approved direct WorkStickers contact).

Be careful what and how you publish. There are indirect ways for your information to be reached by various publics.

The published content can have it's privacy restriction changed by the author. In this case, any action related to that content like comments, events attendance or other will be, in accordance, visible to anyone.


Activity log

Your publishing panel offers you the possibility to edit, change the privacy set up or delete any content. However comments, likes or event attendances can not be edited. In consequence, we have established a dedicated channel trough, which you can address the Admin in order to have this removed. You can write us on the following Email:

By making your content or profile information private, does not mean that it cannot be accessed. Your contacts can still view it and use it. If you aim to have your data completely invisible, we recommend to delete it or not to publish it in the first place.


Links and Tags

All tough a private content can be, partially shared by your contacts, either trough a link or by using the WorkStickers share function, in which case only the title is visible, access to it's full data is granted in accordance with the privacy settings.


Information always available to public

The following information related to your profile is by default public and accessible to anyone:

  • Name or Brand.
  • Profile picture
  • Country of residence
  • Spoken languages
  • Your description (About)
  • Your Portfolio

All tough WorkStickers accommodates brands or pseudonyms, the published information should not relay to anyone other than a natural person or registered organization. Users should not impersonate fictual brands (pseudonyms) or brands (pseudonyms) which are in violation of the intellectual property rights of third parties.

For any complaints related to this, send us a mail on:


Picture or Logo

WorkStickers has introduced an edit / crop function related to this picture which allows the user to adjust the display in order to integrate it in the page design. Neither WorkStickers nor any of our subsidiaries, affiliated companies, employees, shareholders, or directors shall be liable for any deficit in public image display compared to it's original state.



Status represents a short description of your interest related to your current professional activity. This facility does not include a privacy option and is automatically displayed once is edited.

Always think before you post.



WorkStickers will constant communicate with its users via, In mail, e-mail, notices, messages to inbox or other type of means available trough the service. Such communication will focus but not be restricted to features or functioning of the services.

Furthermore, information related to your profile changes are included in the regular email newsletters send to your contact list, if they choose to receive them.

You can customize the frequency and type of information included in your email notification by logging into your account and changing your settings.

Messages you initiate like requests for an introduction, direct messages or interest for a career solution will list your user name as initiator and will not include your personal email address or other contact information.

Any user can initiate an introduction request, however your private information will be shared only after you have confirmed it.



You can find interesting a published content and acknowledge that by pressing on the " like" button. The content originator will be informed of your action via an alert. All other viewers can only view the number of likes the content has received.

If you comment on any content, your comment will be visible to anyone, including to the public internet, unless the specific content is tagged as private by it's author and, in consequence, is visible only to it's registered contacts network. Comments are not editable, however you can contact WorkStickers team via email: if you wish to delete them.


Information shared with Third Parties

Your " Public profile " compresses all by you published data for which no privacy restriction has been selected and of which audience is consequently not restricted to your list of contacts. Your Public Profile is visible to the public Internet. You can choose to restrict subsequently access to most of your information, by setting it as Private. Be informed however that third-party search engines may reveal old public information, as their caches may not be promptly updated. In such cases, WorkStickers can not be held responsible for any display of personal data of which consent was not priory given. 

Third parties, including prospective advertisers, can be provided with aggregated anonymous data for purposes that we deem to be appropriated however, it shall be done in accordance with the Terms and Condition agreement.



WorkStickers includes search resources in order to enhance access to related information. Data displayed as search results include information related to WorkStickers Users and their activity and comply with the privacy settings selected by the respective users. 


Privacy of data imported from external sources

If any data is imported from personal blogs, websites or other materials and published on WorkStickers, they can contain personal identifiable data which, considering the public character of their display, can be collected or used by third parties. WorkStickers is not responsible for any information which users choose to publish  nor can be quoted as source from which such information can be shared.


Advertising and Endorsements

In order to enhance the services provided to you or your network, WorkStickers may use your profile name and picture in connection to content shared on WorkStickers such as attendance to events, endorsement, likes or comments to content, etc and will only be displayed to your WorkStickers network. Having no possibility to opt-out from this, we recommend to be careful which content you post or which action to others content you take.


Compliance with Legal Process

WorkStickers may decide to disclose personal information or data related to your activity on WorkStickers if required by any legal processes. This applies also to prevent users illegal activities, to exercise or protect legal rights of intellectual or personal property or to defend our self against third parties claims or allegation in compliance with Terms and Condition agreement.


Disclosures to Others as the Result of a Change in Control or Sale of WorkStickers Ltd.

The right to use your personal information will be transferred to a third party as part of transfer or sale of assets or of a change in control of the WorkStickers company.


Accessing and Editing Your Account Information

Any data, including your personal information, can be reviewed, edited or deleted at any time of your desire. Please be informed that residual information about you or your activity on WorkStickers, may, for a while, be stored and archived trough our automated back up of the database.

The level of your privacy can be at any time adjusted meaning that it is under your control to opt in favor of more or less online visibility of your profile. Upon registering your account, the default privacy setting is Public, meaning that your profile is visible to the public internet ant traceable by the search engines. We encourage Users to constantly review their account setting and adjust them in accordance with their interest for online visibility.


Default Settings

By default, the accounts are set to send weekly notification to your personal email. Shall you desire to change the frequency or the information included in these notifications, or to decline any alert, you can access your Alerts page, included in your account settings.


Closing Your Account

Closing your account: In order to prevent involuntary account closing or deletion,  WorkStickers choses to provide this facility trough the customer service department. If you chose to close your account, you will have to send us an email on in which you express your desire accordingly. After the verification of the authenticity of the request, we will remove your name and other personally identifiable information from the publicly viewable database. We remind you that search engines update regularly their caches in which case certain personal identifiable information can still be visible to the public Internet even if they were deleted form WorkStickers publicly viewable database.  However, due to automated bakc-ups , some information may be stored. Also, information that you have sent, such as emails or shared content and actions that you have taken towards content such as comments, will still be visible on the receiver profile. Any information, which is still stored by WorkStickers, can be used by WorkStickers in any legal disputes when required by subpoena or other legal process, or if WorkStickers beliefs that disclosure is necessary to investigate, prevent or take action regarding suspected or actual illegal activities. The stored information may also be used for legitimate business purpose, in compliance with this document and Terms and Conditions, such as analysis.

In case of deceased Users we may restrict the access and functionality of the profile or even delete it if a formal request from the User's next of kin or other legal request is received.


User’s Obligations

There are certain User's obligation in respect to data privacy which are either imposed by law or have become common practices in similar online activities from which we remind  :

Users have the obligation to abide, at all times, to the rules stated in this document or in Terms and Condition, including any related updates.

No information that may be deemed to be injurious, violent, offensive, racist, xenophobic, detrimental to one's personal, professional or social status or in any mater in contradiction to the purpose and nature of WorkStickers can be uploaded or shared 

Usernames and passwords are confidential and in accordance, WorkStickers recommends its users not to share them with others.

Non-compliance to these obligations may generate in the suspension or termination of your WorkStickers account at the sole discretion of WorkStickers



WorkStickers accounts designed for Individuals can be created and used solely by persons who have reached the legal age of 18. Parents and legal guardians are responsible for the protection of their children's privacy.

WorkStickers account designed for Organization can be created and used solely by legal representatives of the respective Organization.  If you are the representative of an organization, by creating a WorkStickers account, you acknowledge your legal responsibility in regard to sharing information related to organizations privacy and data protection, intellectual rights, internal or external policies or any information related to the activity of the organization. More to any representative of an organization that has aces to the WorkStickers account and shares any information related to the organization which she or he represents, acknowledges that the published information is not in violation of any internal regulation or contractual restrictions and serves only the best interest of the organization. WorkStickers reserves its right to suspend or restrict access to any account related to an organization if decides that the representative or the information provided does not comply with the above stated guidelines.   


Privacy and Data Protection Supervision

WorkStickers considers privacy and data protection to be essential issues as they directly determine the trust between our valued users and us. Therefore, WorkStickers has implemented specific measures to supervise and promptly address data protection issues.

For any requests or complaints regarding privacy and data protection, please directly contact the data protection officer, trough :


Updates or Changes to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy can be at any time updated, with or without advance notice. Notices will be published on or emails may be sent to users if there are significant changes to this document. If there are any objections to any changes in to our terms or conditions of usage, we do recommend to bring them to our attention via the Email : and we will address them. If you no longer wish to use WorkStickers, you may choose to close your account by sending a request via the following Email :

Our current policies apply to all information that WorkStickers stores about you and your account, unless is stated otherwise.

By using WorkStickers, you acknowledge and agree to any changes to the terms, policies or practices, which have been sent to you or otherwise published, on



Your personal information and access to it are protected by a SSL encryption when a connection is established via your web browser and

In order to enhance our ability to protect your information, regular evaluation of our systems are done against vulnerabilities or attacks.  However, since there are no 100% secured hardware, software or online environments, we can not warrant the security of any information you transmit to WorkStickers. There are no guarantees that information may not be accessed, altered, destroyed or disclosed trough a breach of technical, physical, procedural or environmental safeguards. Please note that internal or external communication via WorkStickers channels such as In-mails or Email alerts are not encrypted reason for which it is strongly advised not to include any confidential information when using them.